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Industry-leading technology, creative solutions and unmatched passion - they all combine to produce an engineering experience that’s second-to-none.


Engineering Careers at B/E

Here’s your opportunity to take your engineering experience to a new level. Each day you’ll discover important challenges and provide solutions that define our industry, as well as keep travelers safe. Here are just a few of our engineering careers:

Mechanical Design Engineer
Mechanical Designer
Stress Engineer
Structures Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Aerospace Certification Engineer
Quality Engineer
Reliability Engineer
Test Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Engineering Manager

Mechanical Design Engineer

With technology at its finest, our Mechanical Design Engineers utilize 3-D solid modeling software (Unigraphics) to develop design concepts as well as produce engineering drawings. With that, they select the materials and designing parts for aircraft modifications and interior products.

Mechanical Designer

It’s where skill meets imagination. As a Mechanical Designer, you’ll design and produce mechanical components and assemblies using best practices with an emphasis on manufacturability, reliability and maintainability.

Stress Engineer

In analyzing aircraft structural designs for components and assemblies, Stress Engineers play an essential role at B/E. They also compile substantiation reports for the Federal Aviation Administration for compliance purposes.

Structures Engineer

Our reputation is in the hands of our Structures Engineers as they use their experiences to analyze structural and primary aircraft composition designs, as well as compile substantiation reports for the Federal Aviation Administration for compliance purposes.

Manufacturing Engineer

With a real passion for the product, our Manufacturing Engineers are continually improving equipment or product designs, performing materials testing, involved in the preparation of specifications, process studies, or research investigations in a lean manufacturing environment.

Industrial Engineer

Like a well-oiled machine, our Industrial Engineers plan and oversee the utilization of production facilities and staff to ensure efficient and safe operations in a lean manufacturing environment.

Aerospace Certification Engineer

As an important part in the production of our products, our Aerospace Certification Engineers are responsible for the research, planning and testing of the FAA certification approval process.

Quality Engineer

B/E’s reputation is the responsibility of all our people, but our Quality Engineers take real pride in planning and directing activities concerned with the development, application and maintenance of quality standards for manufacturing processes, materials and products.

Reliability Engineer

Each day our Reliability Engineers display proficiency in aircraft weight and balance calculations, as they perform weight trade-off studies and synthesize product weight from layout drawings.

Test Engineer

Test Engineers at B/E Aerospace analyze and forecast complex system reliabilities, as well as design appropriate testing and validation protocols.

Electrical Engineer

When it comes to specific needs for electronic components, our Electrical Engineers design, fabricate, modify and evaluate complex electronic circuitry of electronic devices or systems.

Engineering Manager

As an engineering leader, our Engineering Managers are responsible for the management of resources and processes of an engineering platform within a business unit. It includes the development of projects, structures, and operations as part of a product program. Additionally, our Engineering Managers oversee the direction, coordination, and evaluation of the entire product or business unit.


Efficient and accurate, our Technicians perform the work direction and coordination of activities at the sub-assembly and final assembly operations areas.

Employee Profiles

Name: Pete M.

Position: VP Engineering

First item(s) I’d add to my own private jet: I’d install an electric UTC with massage capabilities.

The B/E work force here in Miami is a very diverse one. Our employees represent many different countries, and bring with them a vast array of experiences. Culturally, people who like fast-paced environments, can take responsibility for themselves and their career path, and can communicate well will definitely succeed here.

Name: Monikka M.

Position: Engineer

First item(s) I’d add to my own private jet: In my plane, I’d have virtual reality goggles available so I could see what the pilot sees – the terrain below the plane, the sky above, and all around.

Ever since my interview at B/E, I’ve established a strong rapport with the people I met here. I was interested in the geographic locations and B/E’s financial performance; I just knew they would grow and prosper. And with their global presence, there is opportunity to travel and I find that exciting. The workplace culture is easy going, and there’s a strong focus on engineering. There is a genuine willingness to share information, discuss ideas, etc. I would challenge someone to be bored here. You can take ownership of your career. And, after I started working here, I talked my husband into coming here.

Name: Gannon G.

Position: Mechanical Design Engineer

First item(s) I’d add to my own private jet: In my jet, I’d have a custom entertainment center installed in the cabin.

I wanted to work for a company that would help expand my experience in the mechanical/aerospace field – for a company that would allow me to work on cutting-edge products in a fast-paced environment. And here, I get that and more. I’m challenged because there is little room for error. It is imperative to be able to multi-task for several programs, which keeps us busy from the beginning to the end of the day. In my short time here, I have realized that I want to pursue a master’s degree in business administration, allowing my career to grow and hopefully benefiting the company as well.

Name: Troy B.

Position: Design Engineer

First item(s) I’d add to my own private jet: I’d install first class seats that lie flat.

My job is to come up with innovative ideas to help take weight out of products, which helps combat rising fuel prices. While at B/E, I’ve learned a lot more about the manufacturing processes, which helps me grow. I really like that the people here are always willing to help out when others are in a crunch, and they are willing to share their knowledge. They also recognize the efforts of people’s hard work. Recently, I received kudos for coming up with a handicap latch, and was recognized throughout the company for it.

Name: Brian A.

Position: Design Engineer

First item(s) I’d add to my own private jet: I’d add several things like a multi-game table for games like chess and checkers, a media center, and I’d be sure to have comfortable seats.

I am impressed by B/E’s unique work environment. It is structured to allow for more interaction with the products as well as with other departments. This results in a wide variety of opportunities for employees, including the ability to be promoted from within. There are also constant opportunities handed to you with the trust that you can "get it done". It is very empowering. The culture here is also unique in that it contains varied personalities and yet, everyone has a great deal of respect for each other. Plus, everyone is pleasant to be around. It’s a great environment to grow and flourish.

Name: Dan B.

Position: Director, Process and Compliance (Engineering)

First item(s) I’d add to my own private jet: I’d love a hot tub.

When I joined B/E, it was just this small engineering company. I was told upfront about growth and plans, and what my job was going to be. And over the past 11 years, it has had dynamic growth. Now we’re recognized as a leader in interior aircraft design. I like that everyone has a voice here and is encouraged to use it. Just last week, I was asked to be a panelist at an Aviation Week industry event in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s fun to be a part of this type of recognition. If I had to tell a friend what a career at B/E is like now, I’d say it’s a multi-billion dollar company with the personality of a small shop.